Prometheus 2 moves forward with new screenwriter

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06.18.13 38 Comments


20th Century Fox is planning a sequel to Prometheus, which I thought seemed redundant given that Prometheus was already a prequel to Alien, and thus Prometheus already had three sequels. But then I checked the continuity, and realized Ridley Scott already denied the whole prequel aspect of it, saying “By the end of the third act [of Prometheus] you start to realize there’s a DNA of the very first alien, but none of the subsequent aliens.”

So, uh… that clears that up. Anyway, someone’s writing Prometheus 2, and it’s not Damon Lindelof.

20th Century Fox and Scott Free are turning to relative newcomer Jack Paglen (“Transcendence”) to write the highly-anticipated sequel “Prometheus 2,” TheWrap has learned

CM Partners represents Paglen, whose script for “Transcendence” drew the attention of Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister, who will direct in his debut. [TheWrap]

If you don’t remember (I didn’t, but Wikipedia never forgets), SPOILER ALERT, Prometheus ends with Noomi Rapace’s character flying off to the Engineers’ home world to find out why they wanted to destroy humanity, while in the life pod, an alien bursts out of an Engineer’s chest. There are a lot of ways you could go with that for the sequel, but I’m hoping for two hours of the Engineers lifting weights and playing space polo with her head. That way it’d at least answer the biggest unanswered question from Prometheus, “How’d they get so jacked?”

Prometheus 2: Brometheus, Do You Even Lift? In space, no one can hear you chug.

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