Prometheus Viral Clip: Michael Fassbender is a sensitive robot

20th Century Fox just released a new viral clip from Prometheus today (sidenote: will this be a huge hit or just nerd candy that never cracks the mainstream? I say hit), an informercial-style spot for a sensitive android named David, played by Michael F. Assbender. The movie hits June 8th, and I don’t know how many more giant penis jokes I can make between now and then, so in lieu of that I’ll simply say that this picture is my new wallpaper for everything, including actual walls (as soon as I get a printer big enough). I can’t stop looking at it. It’s like a magic eye poster where the image never changes. But you wouldn’t want it to anyway because it’s so awesome.

[via RopeofSilicon]

And here’s a viral poster, from Collider: