Random Twitter Users Rave About Kevin Hart’s ‘The Wedding Ringer’ In The New Red-Band Trailer

January is typically the month where movies go to die. I mean there’s also February, March, May-November, but hey, who’s counting? Either way, it should come as no surprise that Kevin Hart’s latest, The Wedding Ringer, will be released at the very height of our collective seasonal depression, this January 15th. And .if for whatever reason, you’ve been hoping that The Wedding Ringer, whose latest NSFW trailer was just released this morning, will put you out of your misery: (1)keep hoping! and (2)consider counseling. How did you ever think that?

According to Indiewire, The Wedding Ringer tells the story of one man (Kevin Hart) who performs freelance best man work for losers in need. Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is just such a nerd, so he hires Jimmy Calahan (Kevin Hart) to be his best man and teach him how to be cool. From even just a surface glance of the IMDB summary, The Wedding Ringer appears to be playing into the most played-out dynamic of all time: funny black guy teaches well-meaning white lump how to “live,” while well-meaning white lump gives nothing in return. Over time, the two develop a meaningless, bromantic bond over their shared hatred of homosexuals and their shared love of crazy hijinks. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait!!!!!

If you do choose to watch the trailer, be advised there’s a crazy old white lady who says “pussy,” fifteen different f-bombs, and a predatory gay man: brave new comedy territory. Enjoy!