Sex Tape Star Randy Quaid Has Been Released From Canadian Detention, May Be The US’s Problem Soon

Randy Quaid has had a rough go of it ever since he went insane. He and his wife missed a court date over a burglary charge in 2010, then fled to Canada, where his wife, Evi, is from, requesting asylum from the “star whackers.” That was denied, then he found out a separate bid for permanent residency had been denied about a month ago. Apparently just after he and Evi unleashed their bizarre sex tape. Last Thursday, he was apprehended in Montreal after he stopped checking in with Canadian Border Services Agency. On Tuesday, he was released.

An Immigration and Refugee Board member authorized Quaid’s release Tuesday after his father-in-law agreed to post a $10,000 bond.

It was not immediately known if the money was handed over. If not, Quaid was to return for another hearing on May 25.

Quaid must abide by a number of other conditions, including checking in with border-agency officials within 48 hours of his release and then every two weeks. He must tell them if he leaves Canada and he can’t work without a valid work permit. [CTVNews]

He’s essentially a man without a country at this point, with no passport (the Quaids said last year they were suing John Kerry and the State Department to get them back), asylum denied in Canada, and still wanted on burglary charges in the US (that the Quaids claim is a case of identity theft).

Sporting a massive beard and shoulder-length grey hair, Quaid apologized and indicated he’s ready to return to the United States to deal with the case and ultimately return to Canada.

A document filed Tuesday suggests the U.S. government is willing to give Quaid a temporary passport.

Board member Dianne Tordorf agreed that Quaid posed a flight risk given that he has failed to follow previous conditions, but said she doesn’t believe his detention is necessary.

“In the circumstances, I find that you well explained how difficult it has been to get all your papers together and put forward everything you need in order to have a successful conclusion to gaining permanency in Canada,” she said. [CTVNews]

I don’t know what the hell that even means, but based on the Quaids’ sex tape, I’d like to think a dog was barking during the entire hearing.