Robert Downey Jr. Will Star In Avengers 2 And 3 But What About Those Other Guys?

06.21.13 5 years ago 20 Comments
"But... but I blew all of these up."

“But… but I blew all of these up.”

As I’m sure you’ve heard throughout the prison yard, Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios have put an end to some lingering speculation in the wake of Iron Man 3’s ending by announcing that America’s favorite actor would indeed reprise the role of Tony Stark for The Avengers 2. While that wasn’t too much of a surprise – the post-credits did reveal that Tony Stark would return, after all – Marvel also announced that Downey would star in The Avengers 3 as well, presumably because they’re paying him enough money to actually become Tony Stark.

While that drama is now over, though, so begins the next phase of the Avengers Want More Money Initiative, as it had already been rumored for some time that the non-Downey actors were already posturing for more money with Downey playing the role of big bro. So with Downey getting $50 million for The Avengers and now only Odin knows what for The Avengers 2 (not to mention Scarlett Johansson getting $20 million for her deal), what’s going to become of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner?

With Downey now locked in, speculation turns to what the other cast members will do. Downey was the only one not locked in for the next film but several sources close to several “Avengers” actors said that while they are committed to deals, renegotiations may still occur.

“We have a deal but the current one we have just isn’t going to cut it, so we’ll see,” said a rep for one “Avengers” thesp. The actors could well be smarting after Marvel paid Downey Jr. $50 million and Scarlett Johansson made nearly $20 million while others were paid far less.

Those talks may have to wait as Marvel is now deep in the search for the actress who will play Scarlet Witch, a new member of the “Avengers” universe. (Via Variety)

The addition of the Scarlet Witch just reminds us how replaceable these characters are. I mean, obviously they’re not going to kill off Captain America or Thor, but if Renner thinks that Hawkeye deserves $20 million for his bow and arrow, I’m pretty sure we could blink and *voila* Black Panther arrives. Hell, Tom Hiddleston isn’t even in The Avengers 2 and Loki was one of the best characters.

I’m not saying these actors don’t deserve a bigger piece of the pie, but they ain’t need to be biting the hands. Am I right, Thanos?



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