Robert Rodriguez Is Full Of Secrets

Last night at Comic Con, where Vince was last seen challenging the cast of Glee to a jazz-hands-off, Robert Rodriguez and his new Castro hat dropped a major news bomb on his fans. Not only is he already hard at work on a Machete sequel (Machete Kills), but after that’s done and released, he’ll be giving us Machete Kills Again, which he referred to as a “space opera” or “Machete kills in space.” Funny, I remember watching the original and thinking, “Gee, this was a letdown this should be in outer space.”

On top of that, Rodriguez also said that he’s eager to get to work on Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For after he completes Spy Kids 4. The director claims that he has already written the Sin City sequel and that he’d like to get to work on it (in 3D, of course) this year. And on top of THAT, Rodriguez and Kevin Eastman announced that they are collaborating on a new Heavy Metal film, which David Fincher dropped out of in 2008.

So how the hell is Rodriguez getting all this work done, Indiewire? I mean, aside from the meth.

Already the owner of Troublemaker Studios, QuickDraw is just another avenue that buys Rodriguez his independence outside of the Hollywood system. “How to break into industry?,” he asked? “Rethink traditions. Having your own financing, you avoid the pain in the ass factor. Go right into how to get that idea out. It’s very important for a filmmaker to be part entrepreneur.” Like “Grindhouse” which spawned the career of “Hobo With A Shotgun” director Jason Eisener, Rodriguez said with “Heavy Metal” they’d also be holding a trailer contest—aspiring filmmakers take note.

Responded one of the fans in attendance, “I’m sorry, you said to rethink traditions and have your own financing? How do I get my own financing?” To which Rodriguez replied, “I’m sorry, I forgot the middle step – ???”