Schwarzenegger, De Vito being offered Twins 2. Wait, what?

Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t been out of office a year yet, and already he’s done

You’ll recall we were the first to report – in January, several weeks before another outlet got wind of the news – that a new Arnold Schwarzenegger-led Justin Lin-directed Terminator was in the works (though, to be fair, we were skeptical). Well that same source tells us today that Terminator mightn’t be the only other sequel Schwarzenegger has been offered.

Here’s the word :

“A Twins sequel. Knowing Arnold, Danny De Vito and Ivan Reitman are all still in touch and want to work together again, Universal came to them about it. It’s a germ of an idea that could spread fast.” []

The fact that someone would offer this to them isn’t surprising. Whether anyone’s interested or can actually make it happen is another story.  In any case, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the idea of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito onscreen together, regardless of the context.  Go ahead, pretend you wouldn’t watch this. Guess what?  You’re a f*cking liar. Besides, Twins is a nice time capsule.  You can tell everyone was doing a ton of cocaine in 1988, because only in a room full of cokeheads could you blurt out a throwaway half idea like “What if Arnold Schwarzenegger… and Danny DeVito… were TWINS?!?”  And before you know it, have a script, Twins hats, Twins mugs, Twins Super Bowl commercials, and Dodge as the official vehicle of Twins.  All because one guy is tall and buff and the other is short and fat.

I guess what I’m saying is, every stoner with a weird idea needs a cokehead buddy to make sure he executes it.  Much like bookish intellectual Arnold who grew up in the South Pacific had a street-smart brother whose skills as a con artist made them the perfect team.