Sad Day for Show Tunes: Seth MacFarlane won’t return as Oscars host

I don’t remember much of the Oscars after the first 10 minutes because of my dumb drinking game rule about trying to drink every time Seth MacFarlane sang a show tune, but I gather there was some controversy? His “I Saw Your Boobs” song didn’t keep him from being invited back by producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, much to the chagrin of the chagrinners, but as of today, MacFarlane has turned down the opportunity (no word on whether he did it in his Stewie voice).

MacFarlane’s decline, via his Twitter, reportedly comes as a result of the ever-interfering “scheduling issues.”



Wait, was that a reference to Joaquin Phoenix’s much-publicized, “I don’t want this carrot” rejection of all things Oscar, or was it an outdated reference to his pants-pooping rap shtick? I would think it’s the first, but that doesn’t seem broad enough for Seth MacFarlane. Hmmm, could you redo this in the form of a cutaway and throw in an Alf reference?

Anyway, Oscars host is a thankless job, and no matter how well you do everyone says you sucked. I was sort of lukewarm on Seth MacFarlane before the Oscars and remained so afterwards. I look at Seth MacFarlane about the same way as I do religion – the less I watch of his shows, the easier it is for me to think he’s an okay dude.

What do you think, Joaquin Phoenix?

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