Seth Rogen And James Franco Have Canceled All Of Their Press Appearances For ‘The Interview’

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12.16.14 32 Comments

Either Seth Rogen and James Franco are pulling an elaborate Andy Kaufman-esque prank, or they’re genuinely unsure about what’s going to happen when The Interview is released (or maybe it just sucks?). According to Variety, the comedians have canceled all their upcoming press appearances, including a Thursday night chat with Seth Meyers.

The duo has withdrawn from previously scheduled press appearances, including Rogen’s Thursday appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers and a chat with Buzzfeed Brews, leading up to The Interview’s Christmas Day release.

According to insiders, Rogen and Franco are still scheduled to appear at Thursday’s New York special screening of The Interview. The two were at the Los Angeles premiere last week, but didn’t do press interviews. (Via)

This news comes after hacker collective Guardians of Peace promised a September 11th-style attack on any theaters that screen the film. They’re probably bluffing, though. I mean, I threatened the same thing before Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector came out.

Via Variety

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