Shove It Up Your Ass With ‘Shove It Up Your Ass,’ The Supercut

I find these supercuts of movie insults strangely pleasing, much like shoving things up my ass. So it is with this latest movie insult supercut, dedicated specifically to “shove it up your ass.” Why, I haven’t seen this much dedication to shoving things up asses since the last time I hung out with a Catholic girl. God, that was the worst joke I’ve written in months. Anyway, this one’s pretty self-explanatory, but no less enjoyable to watch.

I appreciated that they included not only The Exorcist, but its parody, Repossessed, which is vastly underappreciated, if you ask me. Though now that I think about it, I may just have fond memories of it because it had nudity in it. In any case, it’s the only parody I can think of that starred the same actress as the original.