Sideways Brohawks vs. Aliens: New Attack the Block trailer

After the jump, I’ve got the new red-band trailer for Attack the Block (“Inner City vs. Outer Space”), a British comedy about an alien invasion that strikes a group of adorably British street toughs in South London (they make up for their lack of guns with rhyming slang).  Directed by Joe Cornish and executive produced by Edgar Wright, it’s been playing to rave reviews among film dorks and finally hits the US (in limited release) July 29th.  If you read my Super 8 review, you probably know that I’m not the best audience for cutesy kid humor and campy aliens (which fanboys love), but I am kind of gay for Edgar Wright and awesome sideways brohawk haircuts. The first time I called it that, someone told me it’s actually called a “Gumby,” but shut up, I like sideways brohawk better.


I’m not quite sold yet. None of the jokes seem all that funny.  Though I do like that “LONDON’S TOUGHEST NEIGHBORHOOD” is followed directly by a shot of a kid holding a super soaker. They carry around squirt guns in London’s toughest neighborhood?  I mean, I know black dudes aren’t great swimmers but that seems like a stretch.