SITE NEWS: Direct Messaging is back!

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12.12.11 17 Comments

Here at Uproxx, we promise a lot of things — affordable robot insurance, an end to child slavery, and a silkier lathering experience — and I’m sure there’ve been plenty of times we haven’t quite followed through. But I’m not here to talk about our failings, the goons at my door would beat me. I’m here to talk successes. Namely, direct messaging. When I asked what you were looking for in a site redesign, the overwhelming response was that you wanted to be able to direct message other commenters like back in the day. We had to do some complex technoficial rejiggering, but now you can.

  • To direct message other commenters, just click on their avatar and hit the “SEND MESSAGE” button. Pretty simple, you say? You’re right!
  • If someone sends you a message, you’ll be notified by email, so it helps to connect your Uproxx account to an email address that you actually check.
  • Another way to check your direct messages is if you’re logged in, you should see a “FILMDRUNK SOCIAL” banner with your avatar in the top right of the page. If you click your screenname, it will take you to your profile page, and from there you can just click the messages tab.

Totally sweet, right? I thought so. Go ahead and move one Uproxx promise into the “KEPT” column. We’ll be following through on the child slave thing any day now, just as soon as we find another way to cool these servers.

Thank your engineers, because I sure as hell had nothing to do with it. I’d be writing this site on a chalkboard at the Y if it weren’t for them.

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