Snow White/Huntsman is getting a sequel. Warwick Davis will be pissed.

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One story I didn’t get to cover last week was the backlash against Snow White & The Huntsman from dwarf groups, who swarmed it, tying it to the beach and jabbing at it with tiny pitch forks objected to the way it cast full-sized actors like Nick Frost and Ian McShane as the seven dwarves (one of the few entertaining bits of the film) and had them digitally shrunk, instead of just casting regular, dwarf-ass dwarves as the dwarves and not having to dwarf them all up. Various rights groups tend to bitch about various movies for various reasons, but in this case, Warwick Davis was jumped into the fray, and you don’t f*ck with Willow, man.

Davis tells E! Online, “Considering the vast experience of many short actors working in the film industry today, I think it inexcusable that in casting for Snow White & the Huntsman, producers did not utilize this pool of talent. My colleague Peter Dinklage won an Emmy for his performance in Game of Thrones, proving that short actors need roles that will not only challenge them, but allow them to express themselves as actors in their own right.
“It is not acceptable to ‘black up’ as a white actor, so why should it be acceptable to ‘shrink’ an actor to play a dwarf?”

You have to admit, the guy has a point. Plus, he looks so cute when he’s mad, you just want to pinch his lil’ cheeks!

A spokesman for the Universal Pictures studio called the move “a casting decision, not a body-type decision,” adding, “They (the actors playing the dwarfs) came with pedigrees and recognizability.” [TorontoSun]


Meanwhile, Universal may get another chance to set things right when they oh God you knew this was coming. Ugh.

Studios are relying heavily on sequels this summer, but the toughest thing to do is to introduce something new that launches a franchise. It looks like Universal has done that with Snow White And The Huntsman. I’m told that the studio is making all the moves that indicate another chapter is in the offing, and on a fast track.

Universal commenced David Koepp to write the sequel script, which Deadline revealed in late April might happen. The studio is now talking with director Rupert Sanders about a return, after he made his feature directing debut on the first installment. Sanders is interested; he had a great time making the first movie. But unlike most first time directors, he doesn’t have to come back. That’s because Snow White And The Huntsman was sold in an auction by CAA that included a presentation by Sanders of how he was going to shoot the film. Sanders was part of the package, as was producer Joe Roth, and that gave the agency leverage to make a much better deal than a first timer usually gets. The filmmaker is in demand now, but he hasn’t chosen his next film and a sequel might well be it. [Deadline]

Snow White and the Huntsman was nothing if not completely mediocre in every way, but it did look all glossy and shiny like a Vogue photoshoot, so, uh… I guess there’s that? This thing’s got legs! I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters now that Snow White killed the evil queen and everyone high-fived! Will Thor drink more and hit things with an axe? Will Snow White give more incomprehensible speeches about how “iron will melt, but it will ride inside itself, where it becomes a weapon. There is a hope that grows inside you. I will be your weapon!”?

I can’t wait! Maybe add some vampires and blue people and the Hulk next time! This one’s a winner!


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