Spider-Man Musical claims another

The long, Broadway death march of Spider-Man: Turn of the DAAAAAAAaaaaahhh claimed another victim this week as it was reported that America Olivo (above) would be replacing TV Carpio (right) after Carpio suffered an unspecified injury during a performance.  Honestly, dangling actors from cables above the stage should not be this hard.  This isn’t a play so much as amateurish trapeze.

Carpio, who plays the enigmatic villainess Arachne, was sidelined from the show for two weeks after an onstage injury during the March 16 performance.  Carpio herself was a replacement for the original actress playing Arachne, Natalie Mendoza, who withdrew from the show after sustaining a concussion in November. [EntertainmentWeekly]
After more revisions, a brief shutdown and more rehearsals, the opening night for Spider-Man will be June 14, the producers previously announced. [Playbill]

Just to recap, in a musical about Spider-Man with music by U2, an actress named “America” replaced another named “TV”.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think this whole story was poorly-translated satire.