‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ May Need A Complete Rewrite Or Delay After Harrison Ford’s Injury

We told you previously that Harrison Ford hurt his leg on the Star Wars: Episode VII set. It turns out that it was a lot worse than that: Ford completely broke his leg. And that might actually wreck the entire plan Disney has for Star Wars.

This requires the usual seasoning, but the report from Jedi News is a bit grim:

We’re hearing via a number of sources that production on Episode VII could be delayed due to the severe nature of Harrison Ford’s leg injury.

We understand a meeting was called this morning at Pinewood to discuss the situation, but the early word is that production of the film could be pushed back by a substantial amount of time.

That’s a problem for a few reasons. The first is that Disney wants this movie out by Christmas 2015, no ifs ands or buts, and they’re more than willing to write Harrison Ford completely out of the movie to do it. Of course, replacing Han Solo with Bob Duo is going to be problematic on artistic and technical levels, not the least of which is casting.

Secondly, if Disney does acquiesce and delay the movie so Ford can be in it, that means essentially every single movie planned in the upcoming Star Wars blitz will also be handed a delay, possibly a hefty one. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as it wouldn’t kill Disney to admit its plans for the franchise are a bit ambitious.

This isn’t confirmed yet, of course, and we probably won’t see any confirmation for a while. But either way, expect some rumors of tension on the Star Wars: Episode VII set.