Stephen Hawking Has A Way With Ladies In The New Trailer For ‘The Theory Of Everything’

Movies don’t get much more Oscar bait-y than The Theory of Everything, which stars Eddie Redmayne as astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, playing him as a smooth-talking Professor X-type, using his incredible brilliance to wow one special lady with science. Of course, a lot of us simpletons know that Tide blows up under a black light, otherwise how would we have written our frat letters on our dorm walls to let the babes know that we party? But Hawking’s story is more than just the game that he spit at his eventual wife, Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), as the new trailer for The Theory of Everything reveals the emotional struggles that the Hawkings went through together after he was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease.

For an additional challenge, watch the first trailer followed by the second, and then choose which one makes you have to wipe your eyes more, like you just got done talking to Lou Holtz.