Steven Soderbergh Will Retire Eventually

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08.30.11 7 Comments

Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh apparently got drunk with Matt Damon a while back and told him that he was going to retire soon and become a painter. So of course that chatterbox Damon went around telling everyone that Soderbergh was hanging it up, and people were like, “Oh noes, that means Magic Mike and Channing Tatum’s tale of dong flapping is the end.” But don’t worry just yet, because there will be Soderbergh beyond C-Tates.

Despite telling the New York Times that he is retiring to explore “another art form,” Soderbergh still has a full plate. His “everybody’s going to die” virus thriller Contagion opens September 9, and his action effort Haywire, starring C-Tates and Gina Carano, will debut in January. After that, Magic Mike will hit theaters and then Soderbergh will finally retire.

That is, he will retire after he films a big screen version of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and his Liberace biopic, starring Michael Douglas. Once those two projects are finished, though, he is so going to paint the f*ck out of some art. In fact, I even found a little sample of his latest work after the jump.

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