Strippers predict the Oscars

02.24.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Our buddy Kevin from NextMovie had the simple-but-brilliant idea to go to a strip club and solicit Oscar predictions from the dancers there. Guh, why didn’t *I* think of this? So stupid. If only I’d thought to ask some questions while I was trying to put money in butts. They say desperation is a stinky perfume, but you know what’s even stinkier? Stripper butt. Anyway, choice quotes:

“I liked Moneyball, because it was about money, and balls.”

“Extremely… no, Incredibly Loud and Extremely Noisy, I think.”

When the one stripper was struggling to remember who Viola Davis was, I like to imagine that somewhere, Armond White was screaming ETHEL WATERS!

I love this picture.

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