Supercut: Count how many times they say “JACK!” and “ROSE!” in Titanic

You might remember the other day when I posted a quote from Albert Books telling Adam Carolla about one of his least favorite screenwriting tics — when characters constantly, unrealistically address each other by name, just so we don’t forget their names.  Specifically, Brooks said:

“There are things I can’t stand in movies, that can be so easily fixed. I don’t like peoples’ names. […] Just to say it all the time… it’s sloppy writing.  I’ll tell you a fun game when you have nothing to do: watch Titanic and count how many times he says ‘Rose.’  It must be five thousand. […] I think he even says it underwater.”

That seemed like a great idea, so right after I transcribed the quote, I opened the zippered ear hole on Oliver’s gimp suit and whispered, “Hey, you should make a mash-up of that,” and then hit him in the crotch with a wiffle bat.  Being the good slave/video editor that he is, after he came, Oliver delivered a video even better than I could’ve imagined.  Not only does Leo say “Rose” a ridiculous number of times, Kate Winslet says “Jack” an equally-ridiculous amount. Jack! What is it, Rose? Jack, don’t die, Jack!  ROSE! Not without you, Rose! I love you, Rose!  Don’t marry Billy Zane, Rose, he doesn’t know the Rose I know!  Jack, I love you too, Jack! Jack, I’m married to Billy Zane but really it’s Jack that I love, Jack! Jack! Rose! Rose! Jack! …

We even made a game out of it.  So which do you think they say more?  Place your bets below…

As Wesley Snipes famously said, “Always bet on Jack.” …Whatever, I was already leaving.

BONUS MASHUP! Separate to Oliver’s mash up, FilmDrunkard Adam sent me a compilation of The Edge, in which Alec Baldwin says “CHARLES!” roughly eight-six trillion times.

Interestingly, Titanic is the highest-grossing film of all time, and The Edge was written by oft-fellated, frequently-imitated playwright/screenwriter David Mamet. So maybe they’re onto something with this constant name-dropping thing. Or maybe people just have crappy taste.

And as someone pointed out in the comments, there was a similar supercut of “Michael” in Lost Boys that I first posted back in January:

Every Line of Dialogue in The Lost Boys is “Michael” from Dan Nixon on Vimeo.