Supercut: Every question Ellen Page asks in Inception

Editor Ian Skalski just put together this supercut for Funny or Die, featuring every question Ellen Page asks in Inception. SPOILER ALERT: It’s a lot of questions.

See, there’s this character screenwriters use a lot, a character I like to call “the new guy.” It’s sort of a necessary evil, and the way it works is, you have this group or situation or thing you want to explain to the audience, and you do it by writing in “the New Guy,” this character who’s new to the situation and asks a lot of questions. That way, the audience never gets confused, because they have this human FAQ section clarifying the situation for them in real time. Probably the best example is Ice Cube in Anaconda, asking “Dey got snakes out dere dis big?!” It was a classic moment of cinema that really drove home the gravity of the situation vis a vis how big the snakes were out there.

Ellen Page in Inception is even better, because her character has literally no other function in the story besides explaining stuff. In fact, I think one of the only notes I took during Inception was just EXPOSITORY ELLEN PAGE! with an exclamation point. I love Ellen Page, but think how much better a movie Inception would’ve been with Ice Cube. “You tellin’ me dey got trains inside dreams inside dreams?!”