Supercut: Everything’s Better with Tom Selleck’s Mustache (Morning Links)

Every movie is better with Tom Selleck’s mustache, and here’s the proof. |GorillaMask|

Check out this week’s Frotcast for my Shut Up Little Man interview and your awkward laughs in theaters stories. |Frotcast|

Mike Tyson thinks Sarah Palin should get her guts pushed in. |With Leather|

‘Community’ as a Sexual Thriller |Warming Glow|

Meme Watch: Sheltered College Freshman |UPROXX|

Stop Everything: Jedi Kittens Strike Back |Gamma Squad|

And Now, The Saddest 10 Minutes Of Wrestling You’ll Ever See |Smoking Section|

Christina Hendricks still has giant tits. |TheSuperficial|

Foreigners don’t understand why blackface is offensive part 10. |Videogum|

Everything interesting that happened at the Emmies. Oh, did It’s Always Sunny not get nominated for anything again? Cool, well I’ll call you when I care what 65-year-old yentas think is funny. |TheDailyWhat|

The first time a TV show addressed the death of a character. |MentalFloss|

Here’s a chick covering the Duck Tales theme song. |DogandPonyShowWebsite|

9 Film remakes that were surprisingly awesome. |ScreenJunkies|

Pop culture’s six lamest pirates. |HolyTaco|

14 Cupcakes Disguised as Other Food |Buzzfeed|

Nicolas Cage Hasn’t Aged a Day in Over 150 Years |FARK|

Grading the ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray Deleted Scenes|Moviefone|

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