SUPERCUT: Not for nothing, but this Aaron Sorkinisms supercut is really quite something

Every artist has idiosyncrasies, but there are times when someone’s tics are so perfectly and succinctly illustrated that it becomes impossible to un-see. Kevin Smith’s “and sh*t” was one of those times. I’d like to think my Terrence Howard’s hats megamix was one of those times (seriously, the dude owns A LOT of hats). Aaron Sorkin, your parents’ Joss Whedon, certainly has his idiosyncrasies, and this new supercut of Aaron Sorkinisms, defined here as lines of dialog appearing in multiple Sorkin projects, is definitely one of those times.

Assorted Sorkinisms include:

  • Don’t get cute with me
  • Fire me, or shut the hell up.
  • I’m not other people.
  • This chick is all about Eve.
  • To say nothing of the fact…
  • Ya think?
  • Not for nothing…
  • I’m really quite something.
  • Bring it, boss.
  • The streets of heaven are crowded with angels.
  • That’s the cost of doing business.
  • This is isn’t camp, it’s not important that everyone gets to play.

Someone as talented and prolific who’s written for as many shows as Aaron Sorkin, it’s inevitable that you’re going to plagiarize yourself from time to time. But it’s impossible for me to imagine that a guy whose pet phrases include “I’m really quite something,” “ya think?” and people correcting each other’s usage of “who” and “whom” isn’t incredibly smarmy. He strikes me as either a guy who gets punched a lot, or not enough.


Sorkin picture source: Helga Esteb /