Surprised Theatergoers Treated To ‘Rise Of The Guardians’ Instead Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

Confusing Rise of the Guardians with Guardians of the Galaxy sounds like the kind of mistake my mom might make if she’d ever heard of Rise of the Guardians, but apparently a Regal theater in New Jersey made the same mistake. Leading to hilariously outraged tweets from the theater.

Poor Maddie. You might wonder “how the hell could this happen?” since Rise of the Guardians (the Peter Ramsey movie about mythical characters, not to be confused with Zack Snyder’s movie about battle owls, the Legend of the Guardians) hasn’t been in theaters in two years.

CinemaBlend offers a possible explanation:

In the time since this story has gone viral, many projectionists and theater works have spoken up. Apparently, Rise Of The Guardians has been shown recently as part of some children’s matinee clubs. More than likely, someone labeled the digital file in the hard drive as “Guardians”. Then, whoever was cueing up the movie saw Guardians already listed and never bothered uploading the right movie into the system. As a result, when there became a clear problem, there wasn’t an easy solution to fix it, especially since the other midnight screenings were likely full.

Ohhh. Kids, they ruin everything, don’t they? Amazingly the New Jersey theater wasn’t the only one, as there were similar Tweets out of Virginia.

But apparently refunds were given and all was soon right with the world. It’s funny, my accountant and I had a similar problem. I forwarded him my computer folder called “boring tax stuff” and it turned out to be full of amputee porn. Bottom line, be careful with your file-naming, folks.