Terminator 5 Has A Generic, Misspelled New Title

Remember how they’re making a new Terminator movie? It’s being produced Paramount, will be directed by Thor: The Dark World‘s Alan Taylor, released July 1st, 2015, and will somehow involve Arnold Schwarzenegger, presumably in some kind of plot that explains why the robots would build an aging cyborg.

And now, as revealed by Arnold himself, it has a title. (*drumroll*)

That’s right, it’s TERMINATOR: GENISYS. Not to be confused with TERMINATOR: CIS-GENDERED in which a cyborg from the future returns to enforce traditional marriage.

Also not to be confused with, say, “Jungle Book: Origins” or “Leprechaun: Origins.” It’s like they just picked a synonym for “origins” and tried to misspell it so no one would notice. Are we really using white trash/obnoxious yuppie baby naming conventions for our movies now? I like to imagine Terminator: Genisys teams Kharryngton-McKhynleigh Connor with Jaxxyn Reese and the Braidyn-1000.

Run for your lives, everyone! He’s got a participation medal!