That Awesome Animator Dad Has Turned His Son’s Videos Into ‘Action Movie Kid, Volume 2’

08.25.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

You may remember back in March when I posted the Action Movie Kid, videos created by Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto, who has been taking home movies of his 3-year-old son and using his animation skills to turn them into laser gun fights, light sabre exhibitions, space explorations, and all manner of the fantastic. Hashimoto has set the bar pretty high. Let this be a lesson to all parents, if you want people to look at pictures of your dumb wiener kids nowadays, you’re going to make it worth our while. This is the only way I will watch home movies now.

Anyway, Hashimoto has taken a series of short videos like before and compiled them into Action Movie Kid, Volume 2, which ups the action from the original, adding Mario Kart, Portal, and probably lots of other videogame references that I would understand if I gamed more.

Between this and the Mr. T Baby, I think it’s pretty clear that Asians are winning at parenting.

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