That dude from Lost looks kinda ripped

I haven’t been paying much attention to Alex Cross, mainly because it’s an adaptation of a McNovel by James Patterson being directed by xXx‘s Rob Cohen and starring Tyler Perry, but I admit this latest batch of photos with Lost‘s Matthew Fox lookin’ all shredded has me slightly intrigued. My god, he looks like Mickey Rourke’s penis. Also, I can’t tell if that’s an arm or a leg he’s holding, but no way’s he’s finishing a submission that loose. Looks like you spent too much time cutting weight and not enough time on the mats, bra.

The story finds Cross on the hunt for Michael Sullivan (Fox), a ruthless assassin who murders the Washington DC detective’s wife. Sullivan, it turns out, is an MMA fighter, and Fox has transformed himself into something that would be right at home in a fantasy adventure or possibly Hurley from Lost’s nightmares.

Ooh, a ruthless, MMA-fighting assassin. I’m sure this will be full of the kind of nuance and subtlety we’ve come to expect from the director of xXx. Ten bucks says he enters the ring drinking snake blood and breaks his opponent’s neck.

Christian Bale would approve.

What, other forensic scientists don’t carry automatic shotguns?

Whatcha thinkin’ bout?

I already told you, Madea’s in witness protection. Now stop asking me.

[via TheFilmStage]