The Cast Of ‘The Room’ Is Kickstarting A Mockumentary About Themselves

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10.24.14 10 Comments


One of my unexpected favorite books I read this year was The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero’s (aka “Mark’s”) book about his years-long connection to Tommy Wiseau before and after the making of The Room. But for the cast who didn’t get to write books about it, having been in The Room is a dubious kind of fame, that pays nothing and earns recognition mostly only from weird movie dorks like us. It’s incredibly difficult to capitalize on novelty fame, and most of the cast didn’t have the cushion of being rich to begin with like Tommy. Now Robyn Paris, who played Michelle, that girl in the film who has sex with that one guy for basically no reason, has rounded up some of her castmates to pitch a The Room: Where Are They Now mockumentary on Kickstarter. It’s… well, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

We want to make a fun new short film called, “The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? A Mockumentary.” This film takes a tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at how The Room actors’ lives have changed since appearing in best worst movie ever made. It will be funny and silly and chock full of jokes only YOU as die-hard Roomies will get. (But it will also includes lots of laughs for those of you who have never seen The Room.)

Paris says she wants to “give The Room fans a big hug,” and based on that and the blockquote, I thought the video was going to be much worse. Fans are like henchmen, they exist to take orders, you don’t ask for their opinions. Always a bad idea. Anyway, it ended up being much better than I expected, and there’s even a cameo from 5 Second Films/Uproxx Video’s own Michael Rousselet. The only real question now is, what happened to Scott/Mike “Me Underwears” Holmes and why wasn’t he in this? I hope we didn’t lose him to some kind of tragic hair-highlighting accident.

This looks decent, but why hasn’t anyone Kickstarted an investigative documentary dedicated to discovering the true origin story of Tommy Wiseau? That would be worth literally dozens of my dollars.


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