The Dude From ‘Clueless’ Was Nearly In ‘Titanic’ Instead Of Leonardo DiCaprio

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09.12.12 33 Comments

Jeremy Sisto goes by many names. The aforementioned dude from Clueless. The guy who tries to carve a tattoo into his sister’s back in Six Feet Under. Detective Cyrus Lupo on Law & Order, who SO detects. Escape Tailor, the homeless clown. Jesus. But one he doesn’t go by: Jack Dawson, star of Titanic.

Despite the fact that Titanic, which has grossed approximately $17 kajillion dollars since 1997, has been released on VHS and DVD approximately 17 kajillion times, Paramount put out yet another edition yesterday, for the first-ever Blu-Ray release. Yay! One assumes that the bonus features largely consist of James Cameron discussing his plan to save the world and NOT roll with his homies, but one goodie of interest is a screen test between Kate Winslet and Sisto, who was in the running to play Jack Dawson. Sisto has an interesting take on the character — who knew Jack was such a mumbly coke addict? I’M THE KING OF THE *SNORT*

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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