The first 5 minutes of Source Code

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03.15.11 14 Comments

Sci-fi action flick Source Code opens April 1st and Summit just made available the first five minutes for you to watch online.  As a general rule, there aren’t too many decent mainstream, wide-release Hollywood sci-fi movies anymore, but this one was directed by Duncan Jones, previously of the acclaimed Moon, who’s not only seen as an up and comer by sci fi nerds, but also holds the distinction of being possibly the only person in entertainment who changed his stage name to something less fancy.  Thanks to his dad being David Bowie, he was born “Zowie Bowie,” which he changed to Duncan Jones when he was 18.  I think a good way to tell you’ve failed at baby naming is if your kid decides he wants to be called “Duncan” while he’s still a teenager.

Anyway, the plot of Source Code is that the government has developed the technology to allow Jake Gyllenhaal to relive the last eight minutes of another guy’s life before he was awesomely exploded in a terrorist train bombing.  They want Jake to find the terrorist and prevent the next bombing, but of course all he wants to do is bang the dead guy’s dead girlfriend.  But is eight minutes enough time to convince a girl to bang you on a train when she doesn’t even know you’re a famous movie star?  Find out this April.

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