The First Trailer For The New Stephen Hawking Biopic Will Make U Cri Evry Time

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Stephen Hawking won’t love his wife Jane Wilde forever… he’ll love her 5 ever. :,(    </3

The Hollywood Reporter posted the first trailer for the upcoming Stephen Hawking biopic, and my God is it emotionally manipulative. The Theory of Everything, due in November, focuses on the collegiate life of the famed theoretical physicist/cosmologist.

The film, starring Eddie Redmayne as Hawking, focuses on the courtship between the university student and his then wife, Jane. In the clip, scientific concerns take a backseat to the story of tragedy and personal redemption in the face of a debilitating disease.

Real talk: I may have teared-up a little bit during the trailer to this Stephen Hawking biopic. I’ve noticed that as I get older, my eyes get more sensitive to sad things and start welling up with tears a lot more easily than they have in the past. Maybe I’m just growing more emotionally mature, or maybe I’m just depressed and don’t have an outlet for my sadness, so I choose to let film and television do the work that deep introspection would do in a normal person. Who knows? Point is, it now appears that I can’t even keep it together during a f**king movie trailer. To be fair, the story of Stephen Hawking is filled with tragedy and triumph, and the trailer mixes in some everlasting true love which is the classic tear-bait trifecta, however inaccurate. So I can’t be the only one who got a little misty during this trailer. Anyone else? Please tell me, share, or like dis if u cri evry time.