‘The Interview’ Is Back So Here Are Three New Teasers From Sony

With all of this talk about how The Interview’s release was canceled because of terror threats by a hacker group known as Guardians of Peace, which may or may not have been sponsored by North Korea (or an inside job!), people might have forgotten what the film was actually about. That’s why Sony Pictures released not one, but three brand new teasers for The Interview today, now that the film is once again scheduled to open in some theaters nationwide on Christmas Day. Unless, of course, something else happens and then it’s canceled again, which certainly cannot be ruled out at this point.

While the clips don’t reveal anything new about Seth Rogen’s and James Franco’s plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, they will at least serve as a reminder that companies will not back down because of the threats of cowards. Well, maybe a little bit but not all the way.