The Klown Interview: Part 2

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to interview Frank Hvam (left) and Casper Christensen, the Danish comics behind Klown, the Danish TV show and later the film, which was just released by Drafthouse Films (currently in theaters in a handful of markets and on VOD everywhere). In Part One of the interview, we covered the surprisingly contentious relationship between Frank and Casper, and the way rival comedy “gangs” developed in Denmark, even as they were working towards the same goal (as well as who you’re allowed to make fun of when your entire country’s stand-up scene is handful of people who all know each other). Definitely check out part one if you haven’t yet, I found it to be one of the more interesting interviews I’ve been a part of.

In part two, I ask them about the inevitable comparisons to Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Hangover, and what it was like trying to cast Klown‘s Thurman Merman-esque scene stealer, Bo (Marcuz Jess Peterson – above middle). In Denmark, apparently, you might be trying to cast a chubby kid, but you’re not allowed to put out a casting call for a chubby kid. And if you play a character named after yourself, don’t expect any of the acting guilds to know that you’re acting. Enjoy.

Just a reminder, the audio of this interview (parts one and two) will be available as a bonus episode if you subscribe to the Frotcast on iTunes.

VINCE: So at what point did comedy become something you could do as a job?

FRANK: After a couple of years.

VINCE: Was there any one break that you got that made it possible?

FRANK: No, for me it came very slow. I was not doing that much progress to start with. Heaps of sh*t shows. Many bad shows, and then I started to do TV work.

VINCE: Bad TV shows or bad live shows?

FRANK: Bad live shows, and then I started to do some TV. I was a hard working little bee. It helps a lot. I have bigger, bigger jobs in the business, and then I had this funniest home video show, which I hosted. To be honest, it was not a good program, but it gave me some experience, and then Casper called me.