The New ‘Entourage’ Trailer Breaks The Record For Pool Parties And Yachts And Pool Parties On Yachts

Entourage has always mostly been a series of pool parties where the biggest conflict is whether some guy is going to be in a movie or not and everything works out okay in the end, as illustrated by another pool party. But even by Entourage standards they’ve really outdone themselves in this new trailer for the Entourage movie.

It opens with

  • Hollywood sign
  • Ari stepping out of a helicopter at a villa
  • Montage of the gang wearing sunglasses
  • Bro walk on a red carpet
  • Convertible
  • Beach
  • Yacht
  • Different yacht
  • Beer bong on yacht
  • Bros in sunglasses on yacht
  • Celebrity yacht cameos
  • Celebrities in sunglasses on yacht

And that’s when they really get into the meat of the plot. Ari calls Vince on his cell phone while stepping out of a private jet. “Vinny Chase!” Ari shouts. “Ari Gold!” Vinny Chase shouts back, just in case you don’t already know their names by now (also, there will be a title montage with all their names 15 seconds later in the trailer). Then it cuts back to Vince, who’s on a yacht now with a jacuzzi in the background. Then it cuts back to Ari, who’s now at a European villa at a pool overlooking a beach full of yachts. That’s all in the first 30 seconds of the trailer, by the way. I’m honestly surprised Lil Jon doesn’t show up shouting Yachts! Yachts! Yachts! Yachts Yachts Yachts! Guarantee they wish they’d thought of that.

If California runs out of a water, it’s going to be because Entourage used it all.

(*Doug Ellin rails line of coke*)

Okay, okay, hear me out: what if Vinny Chase had this jetski so big it had a jacuzzi in it, and he was riding it around inside the pool in the cabin of his yacht which was inside another pool filled with sharks and then we pull back  to a long shot of the Mediterranean? Wait, is that inside another ocean? I don’t care, make it happen.