The New TV Spot For ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Plays A Familiar Song

The problem with any comedy sequel is repetition for the sake of a quick cash grab. Studios want to milk the success of the original film for all its worth, while putting little to no effort (or money) into writing new material for a sequel, because it’s easier to simply add a new character or two, make the foreign guy say a few funny things and hope that the paying audience still laughs at the same jokes a second time around (looking right at you, Major League 2). So for a comedy sequel that is hitting theaters 20 years after the original was a certified blockbuster, that concern is even greater, especially when the directors of these movies haven’t had a hit in more years than we can count on two hands.

Thus, the new TV spot for Dumb and Dumber To starts off with that familiar tune of “Mock(YEAH!)ing(YEAH!)bird(YEAH!” before Harry and Lloyd embark on their new journey to find a woman, and sure enough there’s at least one other joke from Dumb and Dumber making an appearance. Let’s hope there’s way more bicycling on the front of a bus and way less Binaca being sprayed the wrong way.