The Nic Cage Music Video

Here’s a video of Nic Cage releasing the pigs set to music.  I think Nic Cage would make an awesome Tourette’s sufferer.  PISS! BLOOD!  BONER BONER BONER!  Ha, I liked it when he kept saying “boner”. |via Stoolala|


Miss America contestant yodels while ventriloquating. And might be the darkest-skinned person I’ve ever seen yodel. |WarmingGlow|

Aarond Rodgers hates people with cancer. |WithLeather|

Dan Shaughnessy gets the full-court evisceration. |KSK|

Shane Black to adapt the anime Death Note. |GammaSquad|


That’s Bubba the Lovesponge’s wife? Suddenly I’m sad. |BostonBarstoolSports|

Yes, the Michael Douglas Photobomb. |via Buzzfeed|

A 1950’s LSD test on a housewife. |TheSmokingJacket|

Spank bank: Barbara Zatler.  Oh come on, she’s wearing a one-piece. |GorillaMask|

The gayest cities in America. Ha, Orlando is gayer than San Francisco.  Suck it, Burnsy.  …No, slower. |HolyTaco|

Howard Stern is still ripping on Jay Leno. |ScreenJunkies|

TV power rankings: the week’s best episodes. |Pajiba|

Kate Beckinsale is in a bikini. |WWTDD|

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