The Original James Bond 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Is For Sale And Worth Every Penny

As a huge James Bond fanboy – we call ourselves Bondage Enthusiasts – I thoroughly enjoyed Skyfall for a number of reasons, from Javier Bardem’s insane genius villain to Judi Dench’s hot ass. But there was one particular little nugget of Bondage that jumped out at me during the intense standoff at Skyfall in the film’s final act, and that was the vintage Aston Martin DB5 that Daniel Craig’s Bond used in his trap for Bardem’s gang of killers. That car is simply one of the most iconic vehicles in movie history, and now I could actually own it!

So someone needs to give me $5 million, please.

This Aston Martin DB5 may not have a 3D GPS system or a remote-controlled driving app, but this is the original high-tech automobile. One of four Aston Martins used in the James Bond films and one of only two that received gadget upgrates from Q-Branch, this DB5 features oil slicks, rotating license plates, front-mounted machine guns, a bullet-proof rear window, and a place in movie history.

The 1965 Aston Martin DB5, complete with 13 working James Bond gadgets and built to help promote the film franchise is being sold by UK Aston Martin specialists RS Williams, and perhaps, unsurprisingly, the firm has already been inundated with enquires from around the world. (Via NY Daily News)

F*ck a place in movie history, I want a car that has front-mounted machine guns. Have you ever driven in Florida? It’s a nightmare. At least with this car I’d have a fighting chance to not die before I turn 40.

But back to that price tag, is a car worth this much money just because it gives you the chance to blow octogenarians off the road and convince any girl that sits in it that she can only respond to the name Pussy Galore? I suppose. However, if I did have this much cash available, I’d probably spread it around a little more.

Maybe purchase the ’68 Mustang GT 390 from Bullitt

Definitely the Porkchop Express from Big Trouble in Little China, which is the greatest movie ever made…

And if there’s anything left, I’d probably buy Vince the Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit, because he’s a sucker for anything with sweet T-tops.