The Trailer For Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ Contains No Depp Nor Bonham-Carter And Looks Great

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There is something weird about the trailer for Tim Burton‘s new film Big Eyes, and I’m pretty sure it’s the lack of weirdness. Unless this trailer is completely unrepresentative of the actual film, it looks like this is going to be the most non-Burton Tim Burton film since… um…. ever. I took a look at Burton’s IMDB page and it seems like all of his films have at least one of these 5 elements (someone should really make Venn diagram of this):

1) Death/afterlife being a major theme

2) “Dr. Seuss-meets-gothic pre-teen girl” aesthetic

3) Remake/reboot of a franchise

4) Starring Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham-Carter, Music by Danny Elfman

5) Heavy CGI or completely animated

This film appears to contain none of those elements, other than Danny Elfman doing the music. But let’s be real, Elfman’s been phoning-in the Burton scores for some time now. (At this point, Alexandre Desplat does a way better Danny Elfman than Danny Elfman.) The trailer for Big Eyes doesn’t really feel or sound like a Burton film, but for some reason that makes it so much more intriguing. The film tells the true story of painter Margaret Keane whose weasel husband, Walter Keane, took credit for her paintings in the 1950’s and 60’s. Big Eyes stars Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, which is a great casting choice not only because of their individual acting prowess but also because neither of them are Helena Bonham-Carter nor Johnny Depp. I’m having trouble believing that this is a Tim Burton film. In fact, what are the chances that Margaret Keane actually directed this movie and Tim Burton is just stealing all the credit? Seems plausible.