The Wachowski Siblings Want To Send Channing Tatum Into Space

Back in 2010, it was rumored that among Channing Tatum’s next projects was a film that would be very similar in style and plot to Avatar, because of course people were going to try to rip Avatar off left and right. Sadly, nothing ever came of C-Tates in $pace, but he did go on to star in 1,100 movies since then, including two of the highest grossing movies of 2012.

Well worry not, Sci-Fi geeks, because the Wachowski siblings have Tatum targeted, along with Mila Kunis, for their latest project, Jupiter Ascending, of which the plot details are currently a mad mystery, yo.

Details on the plot setup for Jupiter Ascending continue to be kept secret by the media-shy Wachowskis. However, going off their previous work, it’s probably safe to assume the duo’s new cinematic sci-fi dish will be a mix of thought-provoking subject matter and stylized filmmaking (with some observable comic book influences on display). That doesn’t guarantee the final result will be a good movie, per se, but it should easily be as interesting and unique a work as everything the pair have produced to date. (Via Screen Rant)

Thankfully, when something is in question involving my good friend, C-Tates, I just use my communicator and I can talk to him anywhere… even in outer space…

Yo girl, check it – A long, long time ago, in a pimped out Ford Galaxy on 24s and da hydros far far away, C-TATES SON WHAT! Recognize, yo dem Matrix peeps was all like, “Yo C-Tates, we think yo hella fly and wanna make you like F*ck Rogers, knockin space boots legit wit dem green-tittied space hoes.” And I was like, Yo Lana Wachowski girl, why u wanna make me get wit dat Mila Cooncap girl when me an u standin’ right here, boo. And she was all like, “Yo C-Tates, I ain’t think u ready 4 dis sh*t, right” And I was all like, Yo girl, I’mma make yo ass end on dis dick. But then she like poked me with her keys or somethin. Yo I’mma nail dat chicken, 4 real.