The X-Men First Class trailer

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02.10.11 12 Comments

Just like they promised, Fox has released the first trailer for X-Men: First Class via their Facebook page.  If a legit talent like Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Layer Cake) weren’t directing this, the idea of an X-Men Babies prequel (cast rundown here) would sound pretty stupid.  Likewise, the trailer is an almost equal mix of maybe this was a bad idea and maybe this will still be awesome (ahh, the old sex-with-a-stranger feeling).

As Durden astutely points out, this thing seems way behind schedule, considering it’s supposed to come out in June and they’re still shooting.  And now that we have a trailer, it looks cobbled together from the bare minimum amount of footage. Seriously, is anyone out there excited by the “BEFORE HE WAS MAGNETO… HE WAS ERIC” opening?   We get it, it’s a prequel.  You might not want to push that angle so hard, considering the most famous movie prequel is still Star Wars.  “BEFORE HE WAS DARTH VADER… HE WAS AN ANNOYING LITTLE KID.”   Huh… well I guess I can see why you skipped that part of the story the first time around…

But then all of a sudden Kevin Bacon shows up, and Magneto starts pulling submarines out of the water and you’re like, “Hmm, well okay, perhaps this might be cool.” Though I still say Michael Fassbender should’ve played a new mutant, Michael F. Assbender. His powers would be self-explanatory.

"Quiet, I'm ass bending."

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