There’s Still No Snitching In The Red Band Trailer For Chris Rock’s ‘Top Five’

For the first time since Pootie Tang*, everything about a Chris Rock comedy looks funny. In the first SFW trailer for his latest film, Top Five, Rock was surrounded by comedians and actors that are great – especially Tracy Morgan and Leslie Jones – and we didn’t even need to hear “mother*cker” and other curse words to feel the positive energy coming from the guy who has been earning easy paychecks as part of the Happy Madison Grown Ups crew. But now the very NSFW (curse words and blurry strip club boobies) red band trailer for Top Five is here, and it’s even better than we could have hoped for.

Especially because that whole “put a little stank on it” scene does not come across very well without Rock screaming about scratching his nuts.

*Some people like Head of State, so I’d be willing to accept that as well. Not Bad Company, though, because that movie was hilarious for all the wrong reasons.