These days, Keanu Reeves is redefining the very CONCEPT of Kung Fu

Keanu Reeves has already begun production on his directorial debut, a kung fu picture called Man of Tai Chi, and not only does he famously know kung fu (thanks, Larry Fishburne, sorry about your daughter), he’s trying to come up with a new way to film it. There’s a proof of concept video on YouTube for the special rig he’ll be using, which is called Bot & Dolly.

Keanu says “the ambition for me was trying to get what I’ve seen done before with CGI and putting the camera in places where you couldn’t get and have the flesh and blood elements there.”

t looks like the reverse of wire fu, sort of an “in Soviet Russia, camera flies you” kind of situation. The possibilities of it aren’t exactly blowing my mind just yet, but it would allow you to make that little frame with your fingers and gesticulate wildly a lot on the set, which I bet really makes you feel like a big-time director. Also, I was able to get this exclusive photo of Keanu Reeves on the day he discovered the rig:

[vid via JoBlo]

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