This New Quicksilver Featurette Breaks Down X-Men’s Coolest Scene

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Regardless of how you feel about the movie as a whole, it’s hard to argue that Quicksilver’s prison break scene from X-Men: Days Of Future Past was one of the coolest of the year. I thought the movie was okay, but even if it had been terrible, that scene alone would’ve been worth the price of admission. My only criticism was that they had to waste all that good food.

Now, thanks to this new wordless featurette from Australian VFX house Rising Sun Pictures, I find out that it wasn’t food at all, but CGI. Incredible. Now I can enjoy all those carrots flying around without having to think about the starving rabbits. But seriously, if X-Men’s Quicksilver scene proved anything, it’s that no one complains about CGI when it’s incorporated into a cleverly shot and staged scene, not attempting to replace one.

[hat tip: ThePlaylist]