Since You May Not Get To See Kim Jong-Un Get Assassinated In ‘The Interview,’ You Can In This Video

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By now we know that North Korea was probably behind a hacking attack that led to the canceled release of The Interview, a satirical comedy about two journalists sent to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. According to most who saw it, the film was at least as critical of the American media as it was of the North Korean regime. Nor was it the first film critical of North Korea, nor the first comedy film to feature the assassination of a foreign leader. I’m pretty sure Hot Shots Part Deux had a bomb falling on Saddam in the trailer. …Though the US did end up killing Saddam Hussein in real life, so maybe that’s a bad example.

Anyway, as of now, it’s up in the air whether we’ll ever see The Interview. But as President Obama said, “We cannot have a society where some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States.” On that note, our friend Oliver Noble is not only a video editor, but a true patriot, and in the interests of striking the most immature blow against censorship and cyber terror, he’s added a Kim Jong-Un assassination scene to a few famous movies. Thanks to this tacky video, you can still Kim Jong-Un get comedically assassinated in fictional scenes even if The Interview never comes out. That way, the terrorists won’t win (as much). Because censorship should follow the same rules as the school yard, where crying about being made fun of is only going to get you made fun of even more. At least, I assume those were the rules of the school yard. I cried a lot.