Thor sequel to be less Shakespeary

Thor 2 doesn’t have a script or a director, but it does have a release date, because that’s just how Marvel rolls, bro. They grip it and rip it, they live life with a lot of flair. July 26th, 2013 is when it’s set to go down, with Chris Hemsworth back to star but Kenneth Branagh out as director.

A sequel had already been a high priority at Marvel, with Don Payne, one of the scribes on the first film, already taking a stab at the story.
Disney will also unspool “Iron Man 3” on May 3, 2013, setting up a release sked similar to this year’s: “Thor” [which] bowed in May, to be followed by “Captain America: The First Avenger” in July. [Variety]

Kenneth Branagh won’t be returning as helmer. Branagh, who directed the first film and watched it gross $437 million worldwide with a few territories still playing out, will likely be involved in some producing capacity. His exit was “mutual and amicable,” I’m told. [Deadline]

Iron Man 3 has Shane Black directing, which should be exciting in theory, but f*ck, I’m just a little superhero weary. I never thought I’d get tired of handsome young men prancing about masks and tights for my amusement, but here we are. I may be in the minority in that I liked Thor. It wasn’t a great movie, but it was a cute movie. The acting was great, the Viking-out-of-water comedy was surprisingly enjoyable, and the brother drama was different, at least (the Warriors Three were completely pointless, but there you go). I credit most of that to Kenneth Branagh.  Contrary to the conventional wisdom, someone who knows story is always better than the glorified graphic designers they usually hire. So it’ll be interesting to see whether Marvel decides to go the Joe Johnston/Brett Ratner route, or if they hire someone… good.