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[via Buzzfeed]

Gary Busey plays a pro-wrestling vampire who raps about eating spider webs. THIS. EXISTS. |Film Drunk|

Ranking the 10 Greatest Hodors in the History of Film and Television |Warming Glow|

Frotcast 93: Ask Seymore Butts Part 2 |Frotcast|

Mr. T’s Daydream |via FckYeahDementia|

A Perfect Excuse For A Picture Gallery: Matt Ufford Covered A Star Wars And Star Trek Dog Costume Contest |Gamma Squad|

Jose Canseco Not Only Wants To Play But He Also Declared Al Gore Dead |With Leather|

Watch As Jimmy Kimmel Has Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves |Smoking Section|

‘South Park’ Takes On Catbreading And Other Memes |UPROXX|

The Infinite Porns Of Pinterest |Buzzfeed|

14 Mitch Hedberg Jokes For Everyday Situations |HuffPost Comedy|

Classic TV & Movie Music, Remade For the Better |Adult Swim|

10 Awesome Pop Culture Ghosts |Fark|

Pranked Texas Granny Demands an Apology from Justin Bieber |The FW|

An Open Letter to People Who Hate Things That Others Enjoy |Pajiba|

The United Nations of Married with Children |Unreality|

Sexual Bullying Defined |NextRound|

Audio Fun Time: Arnold Schwarzenegger Edition |ScreenJunkies|

Elizabeth Olsen Is Turning Into Her Sisters |TheSuperficial|

A Brief History of Foosball |Mentalfloss|

Mmmmmm, Virgin Boy Eggs |TheDailyWhat|

10 More Great Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ Movies With Gratuitous Female Nudity |Brobible|

Video for Party Rock Cab after the jump |via Videogum|

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