Today In ‘Why Would They Release This?’: It’s The First Good Look At The Green Goblin

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02.20.14 47 Comments

The folks behind the website Find Any Film, which purports to be able to help us nerds track down even the most obscure movies to rent or purchase, have teamed up with Sony for a new campaign known as “Moments Worth Paying For.” The purpose of this idea is to convince the Internet’s criminals and all-around bad people to stop pirating movies, because stealing is wrong, you jerks. Movies were meant to be watched on giant screens for $15 a pop, while some B-word of a lady texts in front of you, and some jackass refuses to turn his ringer off, because Blowjob Stacy could call at any moment and you don’t turn that sh*t down, broseph.

So to grease our wheels a little bit and show us that the blockbusters are worth waiting for, Find Any Film has released an exclusive new still from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to Total Film, and it’s unlike any of the photos and stills that director Marc Webb has been Tweeting during production. That’s because this one is kind of a spoiler, because it shows us what Dane DeHaan looks like as the Green Goblin, and it’s at least a better quality than the other look we’ve had at him. If that’s something you want to look at, then have at it. Otherwise, spoiler alert and all that.

As a buffer, here’s the video for Moments Worth Paying For and The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

And now here’s the Green Goblin:

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