TRAILER: Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson in ‘The Internship’

Ah, the old nutshot in the trailer (2:28). Where have we seen that before?

Back in the heady days of aught four, aught five, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were the hot young comic actors in Hollywood, just a couple of fresh faced young prodigies churning out success after success. But, like the Tenenbaum children, Owen and Vince went their own direction for a few years, and sort of lost their way. Owen had a breakdown a la Richie, and Vince just sort of got lazier and lazier until Couples Retreat happened. They both must’ve done some soul searching and realized they were never as good as when they were together, so now they’re back under one roof, so to speak, with The Internship. It’s directed by Shawn Levy, who’s not really known for comedy, unless you count Date Night, or Cheaper by the Dozen, which I don’t, but then Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin doesn’t have a lot of other sterling credits either. The important thing is that they’re a couple of grown men acting like college kids again – first frat guys, then wedding crashers, and now, with a fish-out-of-water twist: interns at Google.

Clearly, the hook is getting 30 and 40-something dudes into a situation where they have to do college/early adulthood stuff. Here are some other ideas we’ve been kicking around:

Rave Dudes

The Shitty Apartment


Adult Kickball


Party Bus Drivers

Hook-Up Guys (aka Swingers)

Improv Class

Bachelor Party Planners

Online Daters

Car Pool

The Valets

Booze Cruise

Hostel Crashers

Alumni Weekend

Bed and Breakfast Bros

Groupon Getaway

Daytona Dads

All Nighter (Literally just two 40-year-olds trying to stay up all night and function the following day)

(thanks to Burnsy and Danger and Halpern for a couple of those titles).