Attempting to lead by example, Schwarzenegger producers pull out

05.23.11 7 years ago 23 Comments

It was barely a month ago that I brought you the news that Stan Lee had plans for a 3D animated film, TV series, and comic book starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, called “The Governator” (you can watch the awful trailer here if you hate yourself). The idea was about as stupid as a sitcom starring Karl Malone as an actual mailman (do NOT let any producers read that), so it’s with a certain amount of satisfaction that I can now report that the project has since been shelved.  In light of Arnold’s propensity to cum everywhere like that speech in Pumping Iron we used to think was a metaphor, that is.

“In light of recent events, A Squared Entertainment, POW, Stan Lee Comics and Archie Comics have halted production,” A Squared said in a statement.

According to a confidential outline for the show obtained by The Times, “The Governator” cast Schwarzenegger as a superhero who “leads a double life” that includes being “a devoted family man” who “has to remember his anniversary, his kids’ birthdays” in subplots that are “milked for comedy, tension and conflict.” [LATimes]

God forbid the double life include a secret Mexican family, that might actually make it interesting. I guess they figured not even a cyborg from the future could remember than many birthdays.  On the plus side, my pitch about a buddy comedy starring Antonio Cromartie and a sassy robot who helps him remember all of his kids might be just light-hearted enough. MEEP MORP. ANGELICA, SHE IS THREE, BLEEP BORP (*dog covers its eyes, laugh track*).

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