A ‘Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil’ Sequel Is Finally In The Works

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03.27.14 12 Comments

Tucker and Dale

Alan Tudyk and Taylor Labine were two of the big fan favorites in attendance at last weekend’s Horrorhound convention in Cincinnati, as if the presences of Bruce Campbell and Kim Coates weren’t enough for everyone. But Tudyk and Labine probably stole the entire weekend show during their panel with Horrorhound’s Kristy Jett, as they revealed to the fans in the room that a sequel to their 2010 horror comedy Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is officially in development.

They briefly described how people often ask them if they’re ever going to make a follow-up to the hilarious story of how judging people by their looks can lead to idiots being killed in a variety of different ways, but until recently that answer was always a reluctant no. However, now that the green light is flashing, Tudyk and Labine vowed to the loud cheers from their fans that they will “never make a shitty sequel.”

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