Turn Every Meal Into Monkey Brains With These Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Serving Bowls

While I would never agree with Dan Seitz’s suggestion that Temple of Doom was the “best Indiana Jones movie” (and frankly, I think he should be summarily melvined for even suggesting so) I do think it is pretty cool that once upon a time Spielberg was filming scenes in kids’ movies inspired by Faces of Death (directly followed, strangely, by a Bugs Bunny-esque fainting). Now, provided you’ve got about $60 to spend, you can relive the terror in the privacy of your own home with these new Monkey Brains Bowls from Firebox.

You gotta love this product description:

  • Feast straight from the gaping cranium of a hairy primate
  • An elegant dining vessel fit for the Maharajah of Pankot
  • Handy skull cap lid to keep your food hot or cold
  • May cause sensitive dinner guests to faint melodramatically
  • Also makes a very tasteful desk tidy

I like to read that first bullet point while imagining your mom spreading her legs for some reason. Haha, I’m just Indiana joking with you.

Anyway, these are pretty awesome. I imagine they’d be great for oatmeal, cottage cheese, hummus, aoli, tzatziki, tapenade, etoufee, fricassee, caviar, cream of wheat, and pretty much anything with a soft n’ chunky texture. Your mom, for instance.

[hat tip: Gizmodo]